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tv   Today  NBC  August 25, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, breaking news. hurricane irene battering the bahamas this morning with heavy rain and damaging winds. this storm could cause significant damage to the tune of billions of dollars on the east coast. where will it hit, how bad will it be? and when will it get here. al is live with the latest on irene's track. exclusive -- dick cheney speaks out about a memoir describing his private conversations during the years in the white house. >> do you think president bush will feel betrayed that you revealed the private
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conversations. >> this morning, he'll open up for the first time about his bombshell book. and a visionary resigns. steve jobs, the genius behind the iphone and ipad steps down as apple's ceo saying he no longer can meet the duties of his job. the decision about his health, and the impact on his company, today, thursday august 25, 20 1 11. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today" on this thursday morning. i'm ann curry. >> i'm david gregory in for matt on a very busy news morning. take a look at the conditions right now in the bahamas. hurricane irene has slammed the island chain. there are reports that 90% of the homes on two of the islands there have been severely daniel.
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>> that word is chilling for a lot of people along the coast bracing for irene. just this morning, the first hurricane watch was posted for the outer banks of north carolina where evacuations are currently under way. >> already under way. but the real threat could be to the u.s. right here in the northeast as we've been talking about all morning. the most significant hurricane potentially to threaten this area in two decades. experts are warning people here to get prepared. >> we're going to help them know how to get prepared. al roker is in north carolina in just a moment. but we begin in the bahamas where irene is bearing down right now. nbc's lillian luciano is in nassau this morning and she joins us. tell us about things there now? this is definitely the worst we've seen of hurricane irene so far here in nassau with winds rolling throughout the night. and surf pounding. it's been continuous throughout the entire morning. we haven't endured severe
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damages, however, and we're keeping power. in terms of the lower bahamas, they were battered throughout the entire day yesterday. and emergency management is assessing damages there. we do know, fortunately, nobody has been injure in that area. authorities are concerned about what they're starting to call an extremely damaging and powerful storm surge that could bring up the water level to ten feet high. as well all know, that tends to be the most damaging hurricanes. we are aware of that. we have seen the water around here. but not to that level yet. >> luciano, thank you so much. do take cover yourself. thank you so much. now here's david. where and when can we expect irene to begin impacting us here on the east coast. al roker has made his way to north carolina's outer bank. he's in the town of duck this morning. hey, al. what are we looking at here? >> david, we are looking at a potentially catastrophic storm. we don't want to scare people,
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but this is a storm that could affect 55 million folks up and down the eastern seaboard. here's the latest as to where irene is. right now, a category 3 storm. it has winds of 115 miles per hour. it's 80 miles east/southeast of nassau, bahamas, 735 miles south of cape hatteras, north carolina. it's moving to the northwest at 12 miles per hour. now, we've got warnings up right now obviously for the bahamas. irene, of course, raking that island right now. but we now have tropical storm watches and hurricane watches up along the south carolina and north carolina coach. tropical storm watches from modesto beach to surf city and a hurricane watch from surf city to the north carolina-virginia border. we're already starting to see the effects of irene show up on the radar now just starting to affect parts of florida. but here's what we see as far as the path of irene is concerned. it is going to continue up the
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coast, parallel to florida coastline, some during the day today, on in to tomorrow. as a category three storm. may strengthen to a category four storm early thunderstorm morning. then continue toward the carolinas as we move through the day on saturday making landfall on the outer banks late saturday on to early sunday as a category 2 storm with 105 mile-per-hour winds and lots of rain. and the other problem is, this is a slow-moving storm. it's forward motion. early sunday -- late sunday night, in to monday morning, approaching the new jersey shore, new york city, long island, on in to boston early monday morning, dropping down to a tropical storm with 70 mile-per-hour winds. but make no mistake, a powerful system with a lot of rain and winds. storm surges are going to be a big issue. coastal flooding, beach erosion, damaging winds, and the storm surge, extreme impact of cape hatteras all the way to boston
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and interior new england. even if you're not along the coast, if you're inland, you can't put down your guard. because the path of this storm, there could be a margin of error of about 150 to 200 miles as this storm makes the way up the coast. it's been at least 20 years since the northeast has been affected by a storm. i'll have this magnitude. so we'll continue to track it. but, again, as we start to see evacuations go into effect in the carolina coast, the evacuations will start being instigated as we move up the coast later on today. >> i'm going to take it. thank you so much. you're going to prepare for the worst but hope for the best. as we said, this is a major storm. people all along the east coast need to start preparing now. and nbc's kerry sanders is in atlantic beach, north carolina with that part of the story, kerry, good morning. good morning. as we heard al say, the eye wall
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is predicted to hit somewhere along eastern carolina, to the north and northern virginia. the navy has moved the fleet out to dodge the destructive power of the hurricane. there are several counties in north carolina who have ordered tourists to evacuate. more counties will do that today. the goal is to get everybody preparped for what is going to happen in the next 48 hours, what they know is going to happen, hurricane irene headed here. >> reporter: nassau in the bahamas took a glancing blow from hurricane irene. the powerful winds knocking out power and phone lines. this morning, emergency officials say they're still assessing the extent of the damage. chilling nasa photos from the international space station shows irene's path as the massive hurricane heads for north carolina and points north. on wednesday, officials began a mandatory evacuation from ocracoke island to the mainland. the ferries are now taking
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passengers first come first serve, like the hightower family who evacuated with their two dogs, harley and sampson. >> beautiful. we figured we better listen. >> residents up the coast are starting to put up shutters, taking notice of forecasters' warnings that this storm could impact millions up the coast, as far as new england. coastal north carolina, farmers have $150 million in corn, soybeans, cotton, and tobacco still in the ground. howie taylor started to harvest his 2,000 acres. >> because of the drought, you haven't had much to salvage. now you're trying to beat the clock. >> we're trying to get 40 to 50 bushels out of this corn. we're in severe drought. we're going over it trying to get all we can. because once it blows down, you can't get nothing. >> officials say if you're told to leave, heed the advice. >> you come home, no damage, it was a big inconvenience. at least you had the option of coming pack home. people who don't evacuate may
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not survive it. >> but in emerald isle, north carolina, surfers hit the waves as families, like the frances, managed to squeeze in a final day at the beach. >> have you been through hurricanes before? >> yes. >> what do you know that others don't? >> be ready. just be ready, be prepared. have a plan for what you need to do. >> that is very good advice from experience there. the north carolina governor has put the national guard on alert here this morning. meantime, the federal emergency management agency, fema, has prepositioned provisions in the region so they can help the victims after the storm passes. ann? all right, kerry sanders, thank you so much. here's david. what should you be doing today if you're in the projected path of the storm? the host of syndicated program, "house smart." thanks for being here. >> good morning. >> this is topical advice. the big five things, a lot of
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people along the east coast may not be prepared for this. two decades we've seen this kind of threat. food and water is a big concern. before you rush to the store, you've got guidelines. >> don't overdo it. don't buyten cases of water. three days of water, nonperishables. three cases of water, granola bars. whatever it may be. we near a populous area in the east coast. the availability of getting more supplies is there. >> right. and one thing you have to worry about is the big two here. power outages. that's the one thing you don't want to be scrambling for when the lights go out. >> a bunch of flashlights, extra batteries. three sets of bat rteriesbatter. a flashlight with c or d batteries, get three sets. we don't know how long it will last. it will give you a week's worth of power to have light at night if we don't have power. >> ziploc bags here with cash and credit cards. home documents in a safe, fine. but the main thing, keep them dry. >> get a couple of the ziploc
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bags. the insurance paper, the deed to your house, passports, credit cards. the extra cash. take a digital camera and take pictures of your home, each room, video camera, your cell folk, take that, stick it inside the bag. if it is bad an you have to make an insurance claim, you have a record as to what is in your home. >> short of that projected damage, there's a lot of things around the house, really outside of the house that could be dangerous. that's the kind of thing that you could be taking today. >> lookout side. the kids' furniture, the bicycles, if there's stacks outside. if there are branchs that need to be cut and you haven't, cut those, bring them inside. you can control anything that might fly away. you have a balcony, you live in a condominium, bring all that stuff in. that could become a projectile. >> the grill or the umbrella. >> anything that can fly. >> what about emergency contacts? >> find a friend or relative
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that's outside of this area. some aunt in minnesota or chicago saying look, if we get separated, we're going to call you to make sure you're okay. he or she can be the go-between. i heard from grant, he's okay. jenny, she's okay. don't worry about it. you can stay in contact and everybody is safe. >> good advice. a nice refresher. coming up on 7:12. here's ann. now to politics. one of the most controversial fick eur figures of our time, dick cheney is coming out with a no holds barred mem memoir. i understand you asked the former vice president in a wide ranging conversation about one of the biggest controversies of his time in office. that's the so-called enhanced interrogation techniques? >> that's correct. dick cheney has been known as a man that's discrete, a man of few words.
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his friends said he would never write a book. it's filled with revelations. he does not back down on the controversial programs he championed that made him a lightning rod for criticism after 9/11. this is what he told us when i asked about whether he had any second thoughts. >> in your view, we should still be using enhanced interrogation? >> yes. >> no regrets. >> no regrets. >> should we still be waterboarding terror suspects? >> i would strongly support using it again if circumstances arose where we had a high value detainee. that's the only way to get them to talk. >> so many people have condemned this. people call it torture. you think it should still be a tool? >> yes. >> don't expect any apologies. he knows it book is going to drive his critics crazy. he even said to me, heads are going to be exploding all over washington. >> well, perhaps on that point,
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in the book, cheney says that during 9/11, he basically commanded the government's response while the president, president bush, of course, played a peripheral role. did he feel that he might have crossed the lineback at least in terms of his loyalty relationship with the president on this -- in what he reveals in this book? >> he did not discuss this with president bush ahead of time. there are places in the book where he calls the president bold and courageous. he also revealed private conversations with the president where bush turned to him for advice. he points out mistakes he thinks bush made. and he gives that very different account of the critical moment on 9/11, another critical moment where he disputes accounts that bush has given. so this is going to be a very, very different book. in cheney's account, he made the recommendation. this is what he had to say when
7:15 am
we asked him what he thinks president bush will think of his book. >> reporter: do you think president bush will feel betrayed that you've revealed these private conversations? >> i don't know why he should. >> you don't think so? >> no. >> reporter: you have always said that you believe the president deserves to be able to trust the people around him. >> right. >> reporter: by revealing these differences, you don't think you're betraying that trust? >> no. >> the vice president says he's not settling scores, just defending hymn. bu -- himself. there are blistering accounts about some of his colleagues. former secretary of state colin powell, condoleezza rice. and on a lighter note, he also reveals in the book where some of the undisclosed locations were that he kept being taken to. in fact, we did the interview in one of the undisclosed
7:16 am
locations. >> very interesting. looking forward to the interview. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> you bet. you're going to be able to see more of that interview on monday night at 10:00, 9:00 central. and the former vice president will be live here on the "today" show for an interview. it's now 7:16. david? steve jobs stepping down adds the apple ceo, the visionary who changed the face of technology says he can no longer handle the duties of his job. carl quintanilla is up in the exchange this morning with the details. carl, so rare to have an individual so important to a company and industry. >> it's amazing. anybody who's gone to the movies or used a computer has been affected by steve jobs. he changed technology, he made billions in the process, but his fading health was the one thing that he was unable to fight. the father of the iphone, the ipod, and the applemac computer has stepped down as ceo of the multibillion dollar empire he
7:17 am
helped create, turning it to one of the most successful companies in the world. >> a tremor throughout the tech world. it's almost like a statesman or someone who's a spiritual leader is stepping aside. >> reporter: with a long history of serious medical problems, the 56-year-old jobs said in a letter addressed to the apple community, "i've always said if there ever came a day when i could no longer meet my duties and expectations as apple's ceo, i would be the first to let you know. unfortunately, that day has come. >> i would like to invite my colleague tim cook. >> reporter: his successor is tim cook. cook was the chief operating officer and the acting ceo since january. >> cook has been the coo for seven years. he's important part of the formula that makes apple products in the apple brand what it is. >> reporter: concerns about the health of steve jobs began in 2004 when he underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer. a year later he spoke about his
7:18 am
cancer bat until a commencement speech at stanford university. >> this is the closest i've been to facing death and i hope it's the closest i get for a few decades. >> reporter: an intensely private man, jobs avoided reporters asking about his health. but it was obvious that jobs was losing weight as seen in the photos taken in 2007 and 2008. >> a lot of the people who come to the company every day and use the products felt really sad. >> reporter: in 2009, he underwent a liver transplant. five months later, back on the job at apple, he expressed the gratitude to an organ donor. >> i have the liver of a mid 20s person who died in a car crash and was generous enough to donate their organs. and i wouldn't be here without such generosity. >> reporter: then in january of this year, a stunning announcement. jobs took a indefinite leave of
7:19 am
absence for medical reasons. >> integrated customer experience. >> reporter: the question now is can anyone really replace quite arguably the world's most ingenious inventor of the internet era. >> does apple have to have that kind of figure to be the most influential tech company in the world? i don't know. but all eyes are going to be on tim cook. >> reporter: we should point out jobs is not going away completely. he's going to remain chairman of the board. but the stock is expected to fall today as investors and consumers wonder about the company's future. david? >> thanks a lot. carl quintanilla down at the stock exchange this morning. natalie morales with the rest of the news. good morning, natalie. >> good morning, everyone. we want to start with the unrest in lib yaya and the search for muammar gadhafi. richard engel remains in tripoli for us. what's the latest? libyans are offering a $2
7:20 am
million bounty for muammar gadhafi, dead or alive. nato is helping to find intelligence to find gadhafi. there's fighting in tripoli and intense fighting around his hometown. there's a great deal of chaos that the transitional government is hundreds of miles away in benghazi. but here on the ground, the rebels aren't led by anyone in particular. one positive note, however, the journalists held in a hotel by gadhafi loyalists are released unharmed. >> richard engel, thank you. an evacuation order is lifted for thousands of families in northern california forced from their homes two nights ago after a railroad tanker car filled with liquid propane caught fire in a suburb. fire officials say there's no longer the threat of an explosion there. the pilot and one passenger from an american airlines flight were injured when part of a jetway
7:21 am
collapsed at the international airport and they fell about 10 feet. the flight had come in from boston after a stop overin chicago. dramatic video of a dangerous stunt shows a teenager running across a train track in adelaide, australia. he's clipped by a train going 90 miles per hour as he reaches the platform. the teen is okay. he faces criminal charges. they release the footage as part of national rail safety week. that will get the message across for sure. hard to see that video. >> just crazy. >> thank you so much. let's go back t
7:22 am
>> here at home, we have a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms. not associated with the hurricane. still a chance for thunderstorms. that's your latest weather. ann? thank you so much. the husband and father of a missing utah mother ordered to stay away from each other as their bitter feud takes a nasty
7:23 am
turn. talk to the father. but first this, is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, exclusive new photographs of robyn gardner before she vanished. >> and more on hurricane irene headed to the united states >> and more on hurricane irene headed to the united states after your local news. sweet, ripe blueberries, wit so they're good for you -- taste real good, too! let's whip up a sample. or just try this. [ chuckles ] [ female announcer ] do you know what a difference dove nourishment can make? only dove body wash has nutrium moisture and a breakthrough formula that nourishes deep down, like no other. dove body wash. proven effective natural nourishment. against new kellogg's fiber plus caramel pecan crunch. really? 35% of your daily fiber. chocolate lava cupcake.
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[ indistinct conversations ] mmm. that's great cereal. mmm. this is fiber cereal? it's great cereal, but...cupcake. ♪ [ female announcer ] kellogg's® fiber plus™. taste the plus. >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. here is sarah caldwell and traffic pulse 11. >> is the right i-95 and howard county. southbound accident approaching 100 pit delays stretch back to 195.
7:27 am
you might want to consider 295 as your alternate. glen burnie, this accident on. -- gone. we are tracking a new one at pulaski highway and hillen road. -- allender road. if you want to hang out in pylesville, harford county, watch for an accident there. let's take a live view of traffic and see what is going on on our cameras. there is the delay on the southbound direction. 95, 395, looks good here. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> starting to see a few scattered showers and thunderstorms develop, especially in the western suburbs. this will be moving into frederick county with the next 15-20 minutes. let's look at the forecast. mixture of sunshine and clouds.
7:28 am
high-temperature route 85. chance for rain down a 30% tomorrow. as the storm comes up the coast over the weekend, showers and thunderstorms and windy conditions, we will talk about that later. >> back in 25 minutes with another live update. woman: downloading music can be expensive.
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7:30 now this thursday morning, the 25th of august, 2011, you're looking at live pictures in the bahamas as hurricane irene is lashing the island chain. wide spread damage is being reported in some areas and this morning the storm is posing a major threat to the entire east coast. a lot to talk about this morning regarding this storm. inside studio 1-a, i'm ann curry alongside david gregory who has been nice enough to join us in for matt this morning getting up early as we had the big news about hurricane irene.
7:31 am
the monster storm heading to the united states. we'll watch for that. exclusive new photographs of robyn gardner taken hours before her disappearance. live in aruba with details. >> new images of that fire that ravaged the home of billionaire richard branson. a private island home. and it turned oscar winner kate winslet to a hero. she carried his mom who's 90 years old out of the house. on wednesday, the three surveyed the damage all together. we'll get to that report coming up. let's begin with more on hurricane irene as the storm battered the bajhamasbahamas. lillian luciano joining us from nassau. good morning once again. >> good morning to you, ann. we're seeing conditions deteriorating in the last minute that we've been standing here. just looking at the balcony, i've seen two trees falling, debris flying all over the
7:32 am
place, and tiles flying from the ceiling of a hotel at this point. the greatest threat, these flying objects. of course, the authorities always warn against it. we'll be heading down soon to see what's going on out there. but we are seeing some people walking around the streets, hard to walk. hard to stay on their feet. now, also, in terms of the threat to the bahamas, the storm surge. authorities are warning against the storm surge. this is the most deteriorating parts of a hurricane. we're trying to get images of how the water level rises around here. it's dramatic how conditions have changed in the last few minutes since we last spoke. we'll keep you updated on everything that's going on here with irene and nassau. >> stay safe, lilia. thank you so much. >> al is in duck, north
7:33 am
carolina. what does it look to you down there? >> it's literally the calm before the storm. you're seeing what's happening with the hurricane. the eye of the hurricane, the winds -- the hurricane force winds extend out about 70 miles. right now, irene is 80 miles east-southeast of nassau. 735 miles south of cape hatteras. category 3 storm, 115 mile-per-hour winds. tropical force winds stand out 200 miles from the center of irene. irene will continue to move across the bahamas. may strengthen later on this morning to a category 4 storm. late tonight, lirl tomorrow, parallel to the north carolina coast. it starts to approach the carolina coast and the outer banks early saturday morning with a category 3, 115 mile-per-hour winds. comes in early sunday with 105 mile-an-hour winds. up the coast, colder water, it's
7:34 am
a category 2 storm. look how close it is to the new jersey coastline and on to new york city and long island. 55 million people could be impacted by this storm as it moves to new england early monday night as a tropical storm. so, again, the danger is there. the storm surge. we've got the potential for flooding. another big problem, more heavy rain in the northeast today. and another system makes its way in. the ground is already flooded. root structures of trees have been weakened. the ground can't take anymore moisture. so when you get something like a hurricane, like a minimal one or just a strong one or a minimal category 2 storm coming in with the rain and the wind, the result could be really deadly and really dangerous with a lot of flooding, power lines, and big problems. >> we are watching a friend come down out of pennsylvania that will give us scattered showers and thunderstorms.
7:35 am
you might want to take an umbrella with you. that's your latest weather. david? al, thanks. new developments this morning in the case of a missing maryland woman in aruba. exclusive videos taken before robyn gardner vanished side-by-side with the suspect in her disappearance. jeff is in aruba with the details. hey, good morning. >> hey, david, good morning to you too. turns out there's surveillance video, moving vild ydeo of roby
7:36 am
gardner and gary jegear don kno before she disappeared. they're quite telling you. see robyn walk in the outside restaurant. she does appear sober in that moving video. she appears happy, relaxed. like nothing is wrong. we're learning new accusations from gary giordano's past. >> this is the first close-up look of robyn and gary in aruba in these images obtained exclusively by nbc news, the couple appears happy and relaxed enjoying the afternoon at a beach front bar. nbc news is told the couple didn't buy drinks. instead, giordano went to the car repeatedly refilling their plastic blue couples with their own supply of vodka and orange juice. hours later, she would vanish from the lush island paradise. >> he's still down there and our
7:37 am
friend is gone, our friend is gone. of only he knows where she is. >> he claims she disappeared and he did nothing wrong. but this attorney said giardano has been less than honest before. >> he doesn't go in the swimming pool, it doesn't go in the ocean because he wears a toupee and he doesn't get it wet. >> giordano may have fallen into deep financial debt, living in this million dollar home where in 2006, murphy says giordano owed more money on it than it was worth. murphy said in a child support hearing this year, giordano asked the judge to reduce his payments claiming he only makes $4600 a month. desperate for cash, murphy claims giordano forged a fake contract, trying to collect millions he didn't deserve.
7:38 am
>> he has the capability to create a lie, live the lie, and try to make everybody else believe his lie. >> the case was later dismissed, but giordano's money problems are raising new questions here in aruba, investigators are questioning why giordano took out a $1.5 million insurance policy on robyn's life before the trip. >> you're questioning gary giordano every day. what's his demeanor? is he remorseful, sad, neutral? >> belligerent is a better word. not sad, not remorseful. he said nothing has happened. so why should he be remorseful? >> giordano is standing by his story behind bars as investigators turn to the photos for help. a woman who came to aruba for a getaway three weeks ago has not been seen since.
7:39 am
during the questioning, investigators actually asked giordano about his financial situation because they had been looking at the financial motive, as we mentioned, from the police report obtained by nbc news. here's gary giordano's response. my financial situation is good. i have a mortgage on my house. i have no other debt. we mentioned we reached out to giordano's defense attorney here in aruba but got no response. >> jeff rossen in aruba. thank you very much. coming up next, new details in the mysterious disappearance of a utah mother, susan powell and a feud between her husband and powell's father. powell's father speaks out in a live interview coming up after this.
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7:43 am
order. we'll talk to her father. but first, miguel almaguer has the latest. good morning. good morning. they are exchanging new allegations as he battled here in court. >> a war of words both in and out of court. susan powell vanished two years ago, but this week, husband josh powell and father chuck cox were ordered to stay 500 feet away from each other. >> he's been going out of his way to bring just craziness into my life. >> josh powell says susan's father is threatened to kill him, this after josh and his father, steve, had said they'll release sigh san's private journal, handwritten pages, they say, that show susan was suicidal and per miscue wouls.
7:44 am
> >> she's a dimensional person. susan is a flirtatious person when she wants to be. >> a frigid december day in 2009 when josh powell reported susan missing. he told investigators he took his young boys camping overnight and never saw his wife again. within days, josh was named a person of interest by investigators and never charged with a crime. the past weekend, a network of mines in nevada was combed for new leads as the family feud rages on with josh's father, leveling new allegations against his daughter-in-law. >> she was very flirtatious and very sexual with people. there's a lot of titillation going on. sometimes -- frankly sometimes i wish we had dub a lone a little than we did. >> steve powell claims while susan was married to her son, she often came on to him.
7:45 am
>> just waxed her legs, she would invite me to feel her thighs because they're nice and smooth. and i was willing to pass judgment and touch test, whatever. >> my dad is a liar. i don't know how else to put it. >> jennifer graves is steve powell's estranged daughter and close friend of susan's. disgusted by the planned release of susan's journal, jennifer claims it was her father who made unwanted sexual advances on susan. >> susan told me that my dad asked her if he would be willing to share with josh, share their relationship. >> a family torn apart and nearly two years later, a mother still missing. >> police investigators in susan's disappearance would not comment on the family allegations. they're certain the search in the nevada desert was a success
7:46 am
but they wouldn't go to details. >> susan powell's father, chuck cox is joining us. good morning to you. >> good morning, ann. >> i can't imagine your emotions as a father listening to what you just heard josh powell and his father are saying about his missing daughter. what do you want to say about your emotions? >> emotionally, i've been prepared for the attacks that have been coming from josh and father steven. i see these attacks as outrageous, cowardly, despicable, and not believable in any way. i trust that the media and the public will see right through this. he's trying to blame a victim and my daughter is the victim here. she's the one missing. please remember her face. and please, if anyone knows anything, i want them to come forward. >> they seem to be trying to make a case, chuck, for the idea that your daughter ran off with
7:47 am
another man. so the question now as steve powell, the father of josh, the husband, is trying to publish her personal diary which they claim will reveal more about this kind of promise cuty inclination they claim exists. what is the worst part about that for your family? why are you fighting so hard to stop the publication of her personal papers. >> they're her personal papers. the writing -- first off, i have no idea what's in them. i didn't read them because i didn't think i had the right as her father to invade her privacy and read her personal diary. she started when she was 8 years old, she started to write a diary and they went up through her teen years. one incident was she got mad at us because we got rid of a third dog in the family. so she wrote she was mad and had
7:48 am
issues about that. these are things that have no bearing on her as a young woman with two children at age 28. >> we're talking about your little girl. would you -- >> exactly. >> would you acknowledge however that you have threatened josh? >> i have never threatened josh. i have not threatened him in any way. and frankly, all the attention he's getting is because of his actions. 11 days after my daughter goes missing, he takes off, he leaves the state. he came home, visited his dad, went back and packed up and left. his wife is missing. where would she come back to? this is not making sense at all. my daughter would not allow him out with the children at 12:30 at night with a blizzard approaching to take the kids camping. this is ridiculous. >> what are you saying here? are you suggesting that he's more than just -- he should be
7:49 am
more than just a person of interest? >> i'm suggesting that the story he's giving is not believable, not credible, has no basis in fact, and he has to -- he needs to talk to the west valley police department, if he's innocent, go talk to the west valley police and clear up the issues so we can go on with finding my daughter. my daughter has been missing since december 6 that night in the 7th in the morning when he supposedly went camping and claims that's the last time he saw her. >> chuck cox, it's hard to imagine what you're going through, you and your family. we hope as you do that you find her. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> all right. coming up next, a first look at the damage in that fire that swept through -- through richard branson's luxury island home. but first, these messages.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
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7:56 am
♪ >> live, local, latebreaking. this wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. time for a check on the morning commute. >> in a lot of problems may set you back. the good news is, on southbound 95 approaching 100, accident is clear. a long-delayed all the way down to 100 and northbound delays opposite the accident scene. if you are traveling in glen burnie, ritchie highway and marley station road, we have an accident.
7:57 am
pulaski highway and calendar road, and we have won it manchester. use extra caution. we pick up delays on the north and west side. are saw i-95.s o switchover to a live view at 175. take 295 as your alternate this morning. tony has a check on your forecast. >> we are starting to see if you showers and thunderstorms, mostly in the western suburbs. heavier rain moving to frederick and montgomery county at the present time. scattered showers and thunderstorms. high-temperature route 85. 30% tomorrow.
7:58 am
we will keep you posted. it will clear up behind her 10 on monday and tuesday. >> check the bottom of your screen for updated news and traffic information. back at 8:25 with another live update.
7:59 am
8:00 am
8:00 now on a thursday morning. hi, august 25, 2011. one of the many hits from the popular band, train. and train is pulling into our plaza tomorrow on "today" for a live concert. very exciting. they're so cool. i didn't know they were in the area. if you're in the area, come on down, lit be a nice concert. i'm ann curry along with david gregory who got up early this morning. >> that's right. with you.
8:01 am
>> that's right. i love that. i want to mention that al roker is down in north carolina because he's covering this big storm that is proving to be a major threat anyway to the east coast. we want to give details on when and where it's likely to hit. and also ahead this morning, we'll be talking about an interesting new study about moms. >> you know about this, my wife, beth, knows about it. successful in the career and a mom. trying to achieve that balance can be stressful and difficult to achieve. this study talks about negative impacts as well. catch everybody up on that. >> we talked about the earthquake, the 5.8 here on the east coast. we talked a lot about it. the thing about it is it's interesting, the anales at the na -- the animals at the national zoo seemed to know it was coming. their behavior, how they changed. >> we know west coasters know the animals have advanced
8:02 am
notice. congratulations are in order. forbes came out with the 1 00 most powerful women. some familiar names on that list, hillary clinton, michelle obama, there's one other one that caught our eye. number 66, everyone. >> oh, my gosh. >> i feel -- >> power and your -- >> i'm so powerful. you want to try? come on, give it a shot. no, really, if i can do some good with it. >> it's a terrific platform and you use it incredibly well. so you deserve your spot on there. don't hesitate. >> i could give you a kiss. all right, enough of that. let's talk about the top stories. let's get to natalie morales at the newsdesk. good morning. emergency officials and residents are getting ready for irene which threatens to become the strongest hurricane to strike the east coast in 20 years. right now, irene is slamming the
8:03 am
bahamas with high winds and pounding rains. bahamian officials are talking about damage. there's a $2 million bounty on the head of muammar gadhafi. they're hunting the dictator with the help from nato and offering amnesty to anyone who kills or captures him. casey anthony started her one-year probation in a florida check fraud case. janet is in orlando. janet, there aren't too many details. but what do we know? natalie, good morning, that's right. this is unrelated to the death of her daughter, caylee, but it puts casey anthony back in the florida corrections system. she turned herself in last night. she's going to take on-line education classes. and her attorney says as a condition of this probation, she does no have to hold down a full-time job. casey anthony left the state of florida after her acquittal last
8:04 am
month but left recently in anticipation of this probation, probation her attorney says she should not have to serve because she did so while she was in jail awaiting her murder trial. the appeals court denied that. she had to return to florida. she has. she now, natalie, has her first appointment with a probation judge, a probation officer, rather, here in florida. back to you. >> in orlando, thank you. thank you, janet. steve jobs' resignation as apple ceo has investors wondering what is next for the leader. what is it the likely impact on apple as well as the market? >> well, that's the exact question that investors are grappling with this morning. the stock may be under some pressure. in the after hours session, the stock was down 5%. this morning, shares of samsung, sony, as well as hewlett packard trade higher this morning. jobs is the one executive most closely tied with apple's success with the creation of products such as the ipod, the iphone, and the ipad.
8:05 am
in fact, steve jobs took the helm in 19d 97, the stock has returned more than 9,000%. natalie? >> yeah, incredible. melissa lee at the stock exchange. thank you. what's trending. a quick roundup of what has you talking on-line. flocking to yahoo! to mock ole navy's t-shirts. old navy goofed and forgot the contraction in "let's go." a man is arrested for a say? i can maneuver. a pet store taped him stuffing baby bo with as in his pants. and ben kerry has gone viral where he professes his love for actress emma stone in the movie "crazy stupid love." if i were a lot younger, i would marry you and we would have chubby little freckled faced
8:06 am
kids. >> well, carrie says he and stone could spend their nights playing yat s ining yahtzee by . sounds like someone crazy in love. >> it's kind of creepy. you know, one time, emma stone, i met her because she came here, she was once a member of our "today" show crowd at the age of like 12 or something. >> is that right? >> she got a picture of me. >> it was a little tidbit. get a check of the weather. we'll go down to north carolina where al is standing by doing a great job covering this storm as it's moving towards the united states. hey, al. >> hey, guys, mandatory evacuations if ocracoke island and mandatory evacuations for tourists here along the duck, north carolina coastline. and with this just in from the u.s. navy, the commander of the u.s. second fleet ordered all u.s. navy ships in the hampton roads, virginia area to set sail
8:07 am
because they don't want to be in port. not only can it damage ships but pier infrastructure. the navy is taking this seriously, we should too. what's the latest news on hurricane irene. right now, it is 80 miles east-southeast of nassau, 735 miles south of cape hatteras. it's moving northwest at 12 miles per hour. category 3 storm. here's what we expect as far as the path of the storm is concerned. we are looking for it to start making its way across nassau later today. then run parallel to the florida coast early tomorrow morning. and with 135 mile-an-hour winds could strengthen to a category 4. then approach the outer banks of the carolinas by early saturday on to saturday afternoon. early sunday as a category 2 with 105 mile-an-hour winds. them hug the east coast the way it looks right now along the new jersey coastline all the way up to new york city. sometime late on sunday in to
8:08 am
early monday. and then continue on in to interior new england as a tropical storm. there are extreme conditions expected with irene from cape hatteras all the way to new england. we're talking about storm surge, torrential rain, flooding, downed power lines and trees. this could be a catastrophic situation over the next 72 hours and we'll continue to monitor >> scattered showers and thunderstorms off and on during the day. even if it may not be raining right now, take an umbrella.
8:09 am
you can get constant update ifs you go to the on-line or weather channel. we don't want to scare people, but they need to know to take this storm seriously. >> as you've been saying all morning, 55 million people could be affected by this hurricane. we're heeding those warnings very seriously. al, thank you very much. coming up next, are you a working mom trying to do it all? difficult to do. a new study shows that it could be taking a toll on your health after this. ♪ have a good daisy ♪ eat well, live long ♪ have a good daisy, work out, get strong ♪
8:10 am
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back now. a study on today's moms, a study shows women try to be super moms are at greater risk for depressi depression. we have details. good morning. good morning, ann. the good news for working moms, 1600 married women supports existing research that says women who work outside of the home have better mental health than women who aren't in the workforce. there's a catch. those of us who are trying to work and trying to be super moms may actually be hurting ourselves. the working mom now after seven years at home with her four kids. >> i went through a bunch of emotions from being angry to have to leave them, guilt from having to leave them. there's a ton of things that would go through my mind on a daily basis. >> she felt guilty when she couldn't be with her daughter on the first day of school this week. >> when i'm at home, i'm
8:13 am
thinking, what am i need to do at work. at work, obviously i'm thinking of the children. >> here's the thing, that struggle might have an effect on your health. university of washington researcher katrina lube cites all of the super moms we saw on tv in the '80s and '90s. >> i know you did everything. but i wanted it done by me. >> it found working mothers who expect to be able to do it all with ease have an increased risk of depression. >> the women who think, i should be able to put in a full day at work and be home with my family and be 100% there too, you know, those women who are probably more inclined to feel guilty, to feel frustrated with themselves. >> on the other hand, women who had more traditional views of gender roles were less likely to be depressed. >> women who expect and are okay with the idea that it's not going to be fair, they're going to work fulltime and they're going to do more housework than their husbands in the evenings, those women may be less
8:14 am
frustrated. >> all of this is fuel for the daily mom conversation on-line. susan set up a blog when her son was born. now he's 20 months old and she has a 6 week old girl. that's her dozing in the swing while we talked on skype. susan embraces the term, "super mom". >> you think there's such a thing as a happy super mom. >> her definition is someone who's not perfect all the time. >> i don't have high expectations, i have realistic expectations, i'm meeting them, forgiving myself when i make mistakes and moving on. and i'm happy. >> susan plans to be back at work in october. she says she thinks there's more pressure on moms to be successful than ever before. the researcher says, by the way, she's surprised how much attention this study is attra attracting and she's still working to getting it reviewed by peers and published. >> we have lisa mccloud, a
8:15 am
working mom of two who owns her own consulting career who wrote a book called "forget perfect." and the psychiatrist and working mom of four. good morning to both of you. fun to watch your faces watching that piece. so identified those two kids as well. where do you get this idea that we had to be super moms? where did this even word come from? >> it came from the whole empowerment thing in the '70s. we got a little confused. we got mixed up between perfection and purpose. >> and this has had, according to the study, anyway, a big impact. it's interesting to hear that the person who wrote the study surprised by the reaction. you're not surprised by that reaction. >> not surprised that i was nodding along with it. but the real word is expectation. we have more expectation that we will be successful and what we have to determine as moms what that success is.
8:16 am
for working moms and stay-at-home moms, we have too much pressure on what it means to be successful. the reality is we don't have to do it all. >> we don't have to be perfect. let's talk about being perfect. >> that's the thing. when i resurfaced ten years ago, one of the things that's loud and clear is that women have this visual imagery in their heads that their lives should look like some staged magazine photo-op. and what we found is when you're focused on purpose, it totally changes the dynamic. >> what do you mean? >> when you have a larger purpose in your life, whether that's raising successful children or making a contribution at work. that purpose gives you a filter that helps you decide what's important, and what's not important. by when you're focused on perfection, you're running around like a gerble ingerbel i. >> i'm going to tell you, my house is a mess.
8:17 am
i don't know where half of the family pictures are. i stuffed them in a place. but i haven't done the albums, okay. so it's the kind of thing. you're saying, you know, just kind of put aside the things that are not -- not on your primary mission. >> right. >> be close to your kids. >> yeah. >> take care of your kids by doing a good job at work. >> moms need a reality check. it doesn't have to be perfect. it's not easy. whether you're work or stay at home mom. you can't expect it to be easy. in this study, we're not talking about a clinical depression, a major depression. these are women who have signs or symptoms of depression. depressed mood, difficulty concentrating, difficulty with their attention and focus. if you notice that's something that has happened to you, take a step back, re-evaluate what you're doing, your purpose. if you need to talk to someone, but the reality is, you're not alone. >> thank you so much. that's a good point to make. thank you so much. we're back after this. good year at chevy. they gave us a consumers digest best buy award.
8:18 am
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8:21 am
back now at 8:20, and details object the fire that raged through richard branson's house and a hero story involving kate winslet. >> we're seeing the damage and hearing more from richard branson about the fire that destroyed his island paradise. just days after the fire, smoke still rises from the ruins of richard branson's home. new images showed the devastation up close. the branson family dream house destroyed. >> the remains of the great house. and we'll have it rebuilt. >> flames tore through the luxurious compound during a lightning storm sparked by hurricane irene. his son, sam, said he woke up to a nightmare. i thought everyone was being burned alive. i ran barefoot over cacti. all i could think was i have to try and save what was left of my
8:22 am
family. inside the house, oscar-winning actress, kate wincslet who sprag into action and carried branson's 90-year-old mother to safety. the three posed before the wreckage. joining them, the family pet who survived the blaze. >> came up to the ruins and found our pet tortoise bruce among the ashes and looking healthy. he'll see many more -- many more tortoises on the island. >> branson has owned the exclusive island in the caribbean for more than 30 years. the 29-year-old daughter, holly, was planning to get married here in december. on wednesday, branson tweeted, holly & freddie's wedding will happen here. can't imagine it anywhere besides necker island's beach. on the list, princess diana and
8:23 am
brother harry in 1990. flames may have destroyed this exclusive compound, but richard branson is able to smile despite the loss. >> we'll have lots of memories from the past and lots of memories for the future. >> and after the fire, pranson offered to fly his 20 guests home, but none of them wanted to leave. they stayed behind to help with the cleanup. kate winslet proving to be the real hero here too as well saving his 90-year-old mother. >> unbelievable story. thank you very much now ann. thank you. now to something fascinating that happened in the earthquake on the east coast. the animals at smithsonian's national zoo in washington seemed to notice something wasn't right before the quake hit. tom costello is at the national news this morning with us. good morning. >> we had a good after shock overnight, no one was here to see the animals' reaction. you can say minutes before the big quake on tuesday, the animals seemed to know something
8:24 am
was coming. what happened at 1:51 p.m. on tuesday took the entire east coast by surprise. >> what was that? >> kind of looked at him. i said what just happen? >> the residents at the national zoo, the tigers, the lions, the flamingos, seems to sense something and warned each other something was awry. a full 15 minutes before the quake hit, the lemur sounded a lemu alarm, the monkeys sounded their arms. the orangutan and gorilla ab abandoned their food and headed to the tree. then gorilla miranda grabbed her baby and headed to the tree. iris became agitated. >> she vocalized, it's unusual for anorangutaorangutan.
8:25 am
then she started to cry. that's something that she noticed something. >> the flamingos form add huddle. >> 60 flamingos. the group of them gathered together. >> even the lizards and snakes started crawling and slithering. >> the ground is shaking. with that, there's kind of a sonic component. so animals are feeling the ground shaking or maybe they're hearing that sonic component. >> what is it that gives animals a sort of sixth sense. chuck corewin is nbc's science and environmental expert. >> plausible that these animals are connected and plugged into the world, especially with something like a geological event far beyond what the capacity is for human beings. >> back at the zoo. >> i think it's cool. the animals can sense things. they can alert humans that things are going on in this earth. >> that's what researchers want to know. is there any way to tap into the
8:26 am
sixth sentence to give humans a bit of an alert, if you will. by the way, the zoo tells us none of the animals was injured in the actual earthquake. ann, david, back to you. >> good to know. thank you so much so interesting. >> if only we could talk to the animals. >> coming up, much more after >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am sarah caldwell. let's check on the morning commute. problems at fort mchenry. southbound 95, left lane and left to, delays stretch back to eastern ave. if you are going to head out this morning, taken avenue, that is where the backup begins. earlier accident is out of there. delays as a result. northbound delays towards 100,
8:27 am
southbound 295 filling up quickly as folks tried to avoid 95. northbound route 1, watch for a water main break. heavy delays on the north side of the inner and outer loop this morning. if you're going to head out on ritchie highway and molestation road, there is an accident. -- and marleigh station road, there is an accident. pickup in volume going away from us all the way to the outer loop. fort mchenry attic crawl due to the accident on the left tube. john collins has a look at the forecast. >> use of the wet pavement. there is a thundershower just north of the city. from around towson into harford county, we do have some rain. also off to the west around frederick and damascus, shower activity moving through. current average, pleasantly cool. a bit more humid. southwest winds at 9 miles an
8:28 am
hour. we have a cold front part of the great lakes this afternoon. we will have more showers and thunderstorms activity this afternoon or evening. irene, now with obama's, comes in over the weekend -- not over the hamas, comes in over the we i
8:29 am
8:30 am
monday, a "dateline" special. dick cheney, up apologetic and only on nbc. >> exploded. >> tuesday, one-on-one with matt lauer, live. an nbc exclusive. on a thursday morning. the 25th of august, 2011. a balmy 73 degrees. and a bigger gathering of people tomorrow when train is taking to our summer concert stage.
8:31 am
very excited about this. ann curry along with david gregory and natalie morales. al, by the way, as you well know is on the north carolina outer banks keeping an eye on the hurricane. irene is making the move to the united states. we'll check in with him in a moment. >> and get bagging to school. if you have a young person going to college, you have to make sure his home away from home feels like it. we have tips for you for the budget makeover of the dorm room. because, you know, you've got what you have to work with there in the dorm. not always delux. but you can spruce them up and make them look good. we'll have that in a minute. we're going to have forensic anthropologist and best-selling author angie wright, her book and her work in the casey anthony murder trial. and irene. we're back to tell us all of the things we need to be prepared with in our homes to make sure
8:32 am
we're ready. >> all right, on that topic, straight to al right now. he's standing by to tell us more about this storm. hey, al. irene is a category three storm. we'll continue to track it. show you what we expect as far as the weekend and the impacts for irene. heavy rain, strong winds, thunderstorms, can't rule out tornadoes. this thing makes its way close to shor. out west, sizzling hot, lots of sunshine. hit or miss thunderstorms in the plains. on sunday, irene continues to make its way up to the mid atlantic and the northeast coast. heavy rain, torrential downpours. talking about strong winds, storm surges, a possibility of tornadoes. out to the west, some showers in the northern plains, sunny and warm in the pacific northwest. sizzling in the southwest, all the way to texas. and the gulf coast. that's what's going on around the
8:33 am
>> we are watching a friend come down out of pennsylvania that will give us scattered showers and thunderstorms. you might want to take an umbrella with you. of course, with this kind of weather threatening, check in on the weather channel two, three, four times a day. go to weather channel on cable or 24 hours a day on-line. david? coming up next, helpful hints for your college student to do a makeover of your dorm room. that coming up. first this is "today" on nbc.
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8:36 am
this morning, we'll talk about dorm room makeovers. the year is getting under way. we asked janice lieberman to find a way for college students to spruce up their digs without breaking their parents' bank accounts. good morning. >> that's the key. we thought it would be fun to hook up two freshmen girls from hofstra university in new york with two interior designers and offer a challenge. decorate their room in one day. the budget, $300. it's a dorm room decorating showdown. our contestants. incoming freshmen. miesha and lucy. >> you ready to meet your designers. >> we had interior designers elaine griffin from better homes and gardens and jeff wade from miami. >> ground rules. you have $300 each.
8:37 am
there will be no curtains, no fire hazards, no poles into the wall. and you must include all of their stuff that they have brought with them. >> are you ready? >> yes. >> time to check out the dorm rooms. >> oh! this is your pal lace. what do you think? >> it's nice. >> i'm excited. >> this is going to be social central, work central. >> entertainment, study area, everything. >> yes. >> studying is part of it, you know? >> yeah. >> tip number one -- have a plan. >> you never want to do dorm decorating -- number one, your floor plan and your shopping list. >> you like? because then we can put these in front of your bet and they serve as storage but they also serve as places to sit down. >> tip two, the sales -- >> what is college without a beanbag chair. >> on sale. >> $20 on sale. >> didn't take long before the
8:38 am
competition started to get dirty. >> here we go. dorm room makeover. >> i know. >> not a garden makeover. >> really? >> we can't afford it. >> $72 with tax. >> back at the dorm, it was time to get to work. five hours later, the rooms were in order and ready for show. >> we did it. >> we did it. >> just in time for our judge, "today's" life style contributor, elizabeth. >> everybody has smiles. >> now for the big reveal. first, lucy's room. >> oh, it is charming. >> oh, how cute. >> we tried to do something to create a little bed nook area here. >> how is this on the wall -- a piece of velcro? >> a piece of velcro? >> what about storage? >> storage. these are all storage bins. these are storage bins. >> they came in at $270. >> next -- miesh a's room.
8:39 am
>> welcome to miesh a's room. >> so you've put up a curtain. >> wall pops. they're repositional and they never stick. >> tons of storage. at the same time, they're seating. >> social central. the living room, it's -- >> your kitchen. it's your study hall, it's your closet. we accommodated for each of the funks. >> their total, $299.80. after being pretty wowed, it was a tough decision for this judge. >> elaine wins on storage. you win on design. jack wins on budget. functionality, you were tied. elaine, you won on practicality, because i do think it goes back to storage. when i add up the points, jeff, you win. well, to save more money, you can call your future
8:40 am
roommate in advance and decide who will bring and share the microphone, the refrigerator, the television. that will save a lot of money. >> the students were the winners in all of that. >> absolutely. >> elizabeth mayhew, the aforementioned superjudge. i liked that kind of stance there. the economy is affecting how much we can spend. but you're saying we can do some good stuff even on a short budget. >> this was case in point. they were creative about what they did. i do judge on things like storage because after all, a lot of time this is is the first time that kids are living in a cramped -- we're used to it in new york city, but to a much smaller space. there are great sales and more dorm stuff than ever. we want to start with the bed. you can get a bed -- this is target, it comes with the shams and the quilt. >> the bedding? >> yeah, the bed -- when you get to the dorms, look at the furniture, they asked that you don't bring a lot of furniture. it has to be fire protected. there's a lot of rules to dorm
8:41 am
rooms. you want to call before. storage is key. so we put this bed on risers. you can get a set of risers for $15. >> they're stable. >> it's the weight of the bed that holds them in. under the bed storage is important. >> creates opportunity. >> from lowe's. you want to take advantage of every single space. more storage. these are some of the things that are use in the actual dorm room, lowe's, k-mart, bed, bath & beyond, you nape it, you can get it there. ikea, get stuff up off of the floor. they need to be organized. an organized student will be a better performing student. >> i love what we saw on the walls. >> here's the stuff that i never would have thought of for a dorm. >> jeff went to lowe's and bought this piece of la 'tis and painted it, we mickiced it here. they will cut it. it's cheap. apply it to the wall with a piece of velcro. a book shelf is one piece of furniture you want to have. this is inexpensive from ikea.
8:42 am
and there's a huge -- >> all of these. >> there are many sizes. if you put wallz decals on-line. you get wall pop. this is from target. it was $15. and it gives a little bit of pop to your room. plus it comes off and you can put it on your dorm room next year. >> it has a little bling. >> yeah. >> the jewel. >> very fun. >> yeah. >> you have to be very careful about what you put on your walls. they will not let you put nails. they're not going to let you paint. so we love adhesive -- professional adhesive velcro is going to be your best friend for your walls because it will put things up and won't damage the wall after. >> you put it for pictures or -- >> things like -- for pictures, you bring pictures, that's how you need to put it up. that is how jeff put up the trellis. >> you can paint? >> this is for painting the trellis. >> jeff used a custom paint.
8:43 am
but if you want to go easy, we did this yesterday with spray paint. so it's super easy. >> so fun. >> the family can get involved. >> believe me. you're about to do it. i will. >> not too much money. >> thank you so much. you did a great job both of you. coming up next, forensic anthropologist, an author who was called upon in the casey anthony murder trial. talking to her and getting her perspective on everything that's happened. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
back now at 8:45, forensic anthropologist and best-selling author kathy reichs is out with "flash and bones" and recently wrote with her expertise on the defense of the casey anthony case. good morning, glad to have you
8:46 am
here. >> thank you. >> "flash and bones" begins when a body is found in a barrel of asphalt. i mentioned in addition to being an author, you work as a forensic anthropologist. to what extent do these stories come from cases you've actually worked. >> some of the books are specifically based on the case. the first one was based on a serial murder case that i worked on that had a bunch of funky scar marks in the bones. this one draws from general experience. i worked on bodies in cement in barrels. i said let's try it with asphalt. >> there's the -- the positive of these experiences. the main character here, temperance brennan examines the bones that are in the asphalt. i'm curious what extent do these kinds of examinations help you figure out what happen? >> the question is sometimes who is it? that's the initial question here. who is this person in the barrel.
8:47 am
and sometimes it's what happened to them? either what was the cause of death, you know, were they shot, stabbed, strangled, bludgeoned. or sometimes the question is what happened after death? were they dismembered or put through a woodchiper? >> but can you determine -- we mentioned you were brought in to the defense of the casey anthony case. and you examined caylee anthony's remains. what were you able to determine where you have this -- something of a vague result here. >> absolutely nothing. the skeleton showed no evidence of trauma. at the time of death, around the time of death, no evidence of the abuse of any kind. >> that's striking because the closing arguments, the prosecution talked about chloroform, duct tape, the killing of caylee anthony. there would have to be some struggle involved there. not consistent with what you found? >> i didn't find any fractures, any kind of trauma to the skeleton at all. >> what was your reaction to the verdict? >> the reason i agreed to go in on this case, i found it disturbing what was going on in
8:48 am
some of the media. so we are entitled in our system to a trial before our peers in a courtroom, not in the media. so the jury found her innocent. so that's what we have to go with. >> and from your perspective, again, examining little caylee's body, do you still feel like there's a mystery hanging over whether this was actually a murder? >> i think this child ended up in a plastic bag being dump in a wooded area. i think those are very suspicious circumstances. as to what the cause of death is, we don't know. as to whether it's intentional, we'll just -- we'll never know. >> let me ask you about the book and the future of temperance brennan, whether this is actually a passion and a career that's running in the family of this character. >> of the character? maybe some of her family. what's in the future for the character? >> well, actually, i just began
8:49 am
a young adult series and temperance brennan has a 14-year-old great niece, torii brennan. there's a series of books called "virals," they're out in paperback. those are out there too. there's a love of science that runs in her family. >> the great whodunit. the great mysteries. so many cases now are driven by the science that it's a great -- a great story line for people to follow. >> absolutely. i think one of the fun things we get a lot of kids coming to my signings and readings. a lot of kids watch the show, "bones," so we thought it would be fun for kids to see kids doing forensic science and solving cold cases and hopefully kids get excited about science. >> the book is "flash and bones." good to have you here. thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up next, simple ways to make your home safer with this developing story of hurricane
8:50 am
8:51 am
this morning on "today's home," making your home more safe and secure. lou is back. he's the host of the syndicated show, "house smart." he's here with products that can protect our family. lu, good morning. >> good morning. >> you've got four ideas. one is a keyless entry. >> this is -- with kids going back to school, losing keys, access to your home, never having that issue again.
8:52 am
several different companies, this one by kwikset, key pat lock system. you go to lock the door, you hit that lock. it can be a code programmable four or eight different codes, multiple codes if you want, so when people come home, service people working. all they have to do is put the codes in there, don't need the key. about $149, easy to install. and there's versions of this, ann, that can be monitored via the web so you know when people are coming and going. >> any vulnerability that someone will figure out your code. >> you don't want 1 r, 2, 3, 4. you want a reference to use it everybody can remember. it's a good idea, security experts will tell you, to change that code every three months or so. >> everything now on the family finances, i think, is on the computer. we've got to really protect our computers from family -- from power failures. >> this is by apc. they have a couple of units. this is for the computer, this is for your home entertainment
8:53 am
system. the idea is when the power goes out, this is plug in to the power. i'm going to unplug the computer. it's still on. it's telling you now that the power is out. you can either continue to work or you can program it so that after one minute or five minutes, it will shut everything down properly so you don't lose any information. so if you had a file open and you went downstairs or you were working on a document that you forgot to save, it will shut everything down properly. $169 per unit like this one, this one for your home entertainment system so you can ploug in your router for the internet, you're plugged in to the internet when the power goes out, $249. >> it's a good investment. carbon monoxide poisoning. >> all of these detectors, carbon monoxide, smoke detectors, explosive gas. i want one of these on every floor. they last about seven years. we talk about changing the batteries twice a year.
8:54 am
i'm going to push this, but it's going to be really annoying. i'm not going to -- i'm not going to do it. what they've done is now it's voice activated. what they have found, especially with young kids, is the beeping, they sleep right through it. this is a voice that will tell you to evacuate. you have to tell the kids what the word "evacuate" means, but lit tell you to get out. it's a voice telling the kids to get out. >> what is he saying? vacuum? what are they saying. if you teach them a little vocabulary, this will be a good one. >> make these things powered by electricity to not change the batteries. >> they do. there are versions that plug in. there's a battery backup. but the battery is there to protect us. >> what's this? >> generators. backup generators. when power goes out, this is an awesome thing. you have to be careful, where you use them. how you use them. plug them in. generact, this came out with a power unit because when the power goes out, ann, gas
8:55 am
stations can't pump gas. you can get a 20 gallon propane tank you use on a grill, hardware store, grocery store, whatever it may be. this unit will run up to nine hours. it will power a refrigerator. it will power a pump. it will do some lighting. it's really mobile and compact and works terrifically well. >> drawing the interest of our fellow -- >> with the hurricane, is this something that's useful. >> fabulous thing for hurricanes coming. got to come out and find it. never this, never in an enclosed space, even with propane. the nice thing is because propane burns so cleanly, you don't have to worry about the gas getting stale. >> all of it, we have a few seconds left, what is the last bit of advice to give people. >> outside, i want you to go out. anything that's loose go out there. patio furniture, get it to the garage. that stuff can become projectile. get extra water.
8:56 am
>> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am sarah caldwell. a tragic and shocking story out of baltimore county, where former orioles great mike flanagan was found dead at his home. baltimore county police were called to the home at the 15,000 block of york road just before 4:30 yesterday. police have not officially named to the cause of death, but sources confirmed that he took his own life, despondent over what he considered a false perception from the community he loved of his role in the team's prolonged failure. back in a minute with a check on today's forecast.
8:57 am
8:58 am
>> time to look at the forecast with john collins. >> a couple of run balls of thunder -- rumbles of thunder. made frontis to the west. action will be later on this afternoon and evening. this front is expected to stall to our south, and then from the south, the hurricane later in the weekend. a mixture of sunshine and clouds, maybe thunderstorms. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you for joining us.
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